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Geforce 6 series cards + Sandy Bridge Issue


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I tried to bench different cards yesterday but had some problems during the driver installation. The screen turns black (which is normal) but instead of continuing with the installation I can only see a flashing "_". When restarting the system the "_" appears again after the windows loading screen.

This happened with different cards and different drivers. So I'm sure it's a software problem.




Maximus 4 Extreme (1904 BIOS)

2x2GB Dominator GT 2000 CL7


Cards I tried:

-Quadro FX 1300

-2x Quadro FX 3400

-2x Geforce 6800 Ultra








all on Windows XP 32


Setup runs without any problems with Geforce 7, 8, 9 and other newer cards. The Problem seems to be with pre Geforce 7 cards.


Does anybody know this issue and maybe the solution? :D

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  • Crew

as already said, there are problems with pre geforce 7 cards on sb and sometimes x58.

i don't know why. i invested days to get it running, but without success.


but it in the end it doesn't matter so much, because gf6 card don't gain a lot with sb. a high clocked wolfdale should do just fine. ;)

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  • 1 month later...

RE is massively overhyped, you know ;)


Staying ontopic, I can't remember having any issues whatsoever when I installed and benched a 6600GT (Leadtek) in my SB benchrig (2500K, UD3P, various drivers).

But when I finished benching and just wanted to stress-test the card at stock before selling, I got a screen full of zeros during the driver install. I took as "I've killed it" and since it's no big money, I thrown it away.

Yes, you might as well use a 775 for the 6-series. When I did pretesting on air, going from 4G to 5G SB gave ~1500pts in 01 (mostly in car-tests), ~250pts in 03 (mostly in GT1), ~80pts in 05 (mostly in GT1), ~15pts in 06 (because of CPU test) and no measurable difference in AM3.

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I ran 6600GT with Sandy Bridge too. There was a problem with getting the card to boot though. The fix was to change PCIe slots whenever the card wouldn't boot up again. So:


1) boot, all works fine

2) reboot and monitor stays blank

3) shut down, change pcie lane

4) boot up, should work fine again


Sometimes I had to do this three or four times for the card to boot properly.

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