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3dm2001 new ATI tweak/trick to gain up to 3000+ points


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My first thread here , hopefully with very good use. Tested for few days one tweak/trick , guess is more a trick then tweak , but important thing is that it gave up to almost 3000+ points for me with my HD 4890 graphic card allowing me for a WR , so I call it the err0r trick , :) . The trick is to change the driver used for runs without rebooting the system , I tried and it worked after some testing order. I saw that in comparison the 11.11c driver gave me better frames for DL/LL/DH/LH/CL while CH and N worked much better (especially N) with 9.4 driver. First I tried my classic order DL/LL/CH/DH/LH/N/CL (CL few times more after first printscreen to get that lucky run) with switching drivers between the runs , so after DL/LL on 11.11c I installed 9.4 for CH and then installed again 11.11c for DH/LL , installed 9.4 for N but this time even if the gpuz indicate that the current driver was 9.4 the driver wasn't applied cause the frames were identically to 11.11c (much worse than 9.4). I tried different order starting with N (9.4) then DL/LL with 11.11c and after installed 9.4 for CH but this time I got an error in 3dm2001 saying something about the driver. After that I thought that changing/installing the driver too many times start to bring errors to the system and finally tried the winning combo , started with 9.4 CL/N , then installed 11.11c for all the rest and it worked !!! Tested at the same frequencies as the comparison ones to see the improve and gave me 2500+ points in combo mode and this allowed me for a WR in 3dm2001 with HD 4890 beating cards runing subzero , :). My best previous score was 24048 and after the trick it went to 26873 and there is room for more as I didn't reach my video card limit on water , ;). This trick can be applied to all 4xxx series and for sure to others as well , including NVidia cards , I tested some with NVidia but not as much as with this one , anyway will test it soon on NVidia as well.

First screens with comparison between frames with 9.4 , 11.11c drivers , same order , same frequencies and then the combo score and last screen the best score so far , also did a movie with the complete run for this WR to show exactly what I did.




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Ty very much for your appreciations guys , was thinking to try it for some time , since I used one NVidia card , this is doable with NVidia as well and will test it the next days , I had some free more time this period of month and thought I give it a go with this Radeon card , glad it worked. Happy benching everyone and pls update your own findings/researches , one thing is for sure , love 2k1 more than other tests , :D.

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