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[der8auer ECC] Raptor rev2 GPU Container


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[der8auer ECC] Raptor rev2 GPU Container


The new Revision of the Raptor GPU pot is a massive full copper solution. I reworked the internal structure to provide a maximum surface for the best and fastest temperature control. To hold the temperature as long as possible I decided to use a solid copper design - 600 g more pure copper compared to Raptor revision 1 - the price for you stays the same!

Additionally I increased the size of the contact area so even the biggest IHS will be completely covered.

Raptor rev2 is designed to reach the best temperatures using Liquid Nitrogen or DICE on low-end cards like 8800 GT but also to push your high-end HD 7970 to the real limits.

The new stainless steel mounting system will give you the maximum contact pressure and using the polished stainless steel backplate you don't risk to damage your GPU by bending the PCB.


Information about price and shipping costs: http://www.der8auer.de


Free shipping option

With the launch of the Raptor rev2 I decided to offer a free shipping option.

If you buy two pots I will charge only 50% of the shipping. If you buy three or more pots you get 100% free shipping. No matter where you live!







Now some pictures :) Pictures showing the structure and mounted will follow tomorrow.
























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Thanks guys :)


@ Iron: Sure that's possible. I just recommend using a backplate because the PCB won't bend under high pressure. I had some customers in the past who didn't use a backplate and cracked their GPUs...


Does that GPU reactor even help anything? Often heard that it's just a marketing thing.

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Yeah, I heard it too, and I tried it also, with no differences lol

But every vga (rma after rma lol) I'm testing, i try with and without the reactor... maybe I'll find some cases in which it will be useful, that is why I was asking.

Anyway, I'm planning a sort of group buy, I'll pm you soon, just give me time to gather the requests from my teammates :)

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Yea the reaction is much faster :)


Structure surface:


Raptor rev1: 7316 mm²

Raptor rev2: 17277 mm²


The structure surface is about 2,4 times higher than in the first revision.


I'll try making a video for you while benching with a GTX580. Might take about 2 weeks as I have another exam next week at my uni.

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