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The order is as it is in BIOS



tRC 26

tRRD 3

tWTR 5



TWCL 8 (7 gives slower result)

tRFC 88

tRTP 5

tFAW 18

Command 1T


then all the rest auto except for the last timing




execute disable bit disabled along with all the other CPU functions and Virtual tech.



I use 640 maxmemm with LLC and background systems enabled, then i do a waza by copying a 1.9gig RAR file from waza drive to pi drive. then pi drive back to waza drive then i run. The cache slow climbs then i start when it is close to full. my page file is 512-512 on the waza drive. and i also run my pi from the waza drive.


i dont have ME installed or any other drivers. Im using a mac keyboard (maybe its doing something weird?)


PS: im also getting heavy CL7 bugs when it try run it, what was the fix for this again?


thanks :D

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