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I.nfraR.ed - Core i7 3770K @ 6853MHz - 5sec 250ms SuperPi

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This particular set is almost good as Ripjaws-X 2133C8. It can run 32M 1300+ 9-11-8 with pretty tight subs.

For example this is with 1.8V and a bit loose tertiaries: link and 1300 with 1.84V: link


I'm able to run 1300 8-11-7/8-11-8 on higher vdimm, but not stable enough for 32M.

I can't find the blue ripjaws, so I've tested 3-4 Tridents 2000, but this is the only kit able to clock that good, others were just average/poor.

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Try higher SA voltage, it usually makes higher Vdimm values stable if you're looking to get 1300 8-11-x stable.

As for 2000C9 Tridents - they vary a lot both in terms of IC (can be PSC, BBSE or Hypers) and in terms of IC quality. 1190 8-10-7 isn't particularly a good result for BBSE version, decent samples should do 1250 8-10-7 given enough voltage.

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Yes, it does 1250 8-10-7. 1200 7-10-7 is also ok, but I can't go lower than tWCL=8.

I didn't bother to max out the memory for 1M, just wanted to get a good feel how the chip behaves.

Mems are around 20Mhz behind Ripjaws-X on same timings, at least compared to the kits in XS 32M low challenge thread.

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