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First of all:

- Do not leak those videos to the people working in the same office as we.

- Don't do this at home, do it to your neighbor ;)


Basically it's 4 drunk swiss (ocaholic) people (children) that had 300L LN2 to play with: Ocaholic 300L LN2 Session 29-30 September 2012


So, 2.5 Days, 5 Best Swiss Overclockers (Hiwa joined on sunday), 300L LN2, infinite hardware to play with and NOT A SINGLE RESULT/SCORE.


But we had a shitload of fun, trust me...



Christian Ney






Videos taken during the session:


Christian Ney failing to boot his system


7977 MHz FX-8150 on tape


They froze my candies


Fill Besi's Monster Pot Like a boss


Freeze dat fan


Freeze dat fan - Part 2


Useful AMD Stock Cooler, aka World's first LN2Thrower powered by AMD's HD 7970 Stock Cooler ?


In the bathroom - Part 1


In the bathroom - Part 2


Cool down Besi with a Office fan


Marc & the lamp


Some Office Stuff


Into Besi's bag


Into Besi's bag - Part 2


Trash Can


Fail to PET Bomb


Gangnam Style


Poor Intel DZ77RE-75K


Taking back the Intel Board to Office


Some Intel Caps



Edited by Christian Ney
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