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The official ECS Trinity Challenge thread.


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no problem mate.. yw :)

just throw away that monitor.. lol





Oh I am, pour some LN2 on it or something. I was only using it because my regular benching monitor only has VGA input and FM1 clocks like crap on VGA and pulling my main desktop monitor is a PITA.


Ahh well, more stuff for my graveyard. Good luck guys!

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Congrats to all winners , really nice scores ! It was fun pushing the APUs wasn't it :P :p


Anyway, I'm quite surprised that the ECS FM1 (the A75F-A) turned out to be an 'okay' board. Aside from the missing memory subtiming setting , a non-working 1866-divider, and lack of OC profile save function in the BIOS , that board is not as bad as I expect it would be ;) ;)


See ya in the other APU competition guys :)

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