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Hey there :)


After publishing the RAPTOR3 few days ago I'd like to present my new RAPTOR SLIM to you. The slim version fits on all comon high end cards and is triple and quad SLI/Crossfire capable.


Additionally I created a professional packaging for the SLIM. The RAPTOR3 will come in the same packaging btw :)


An extra for you:

This unit has worldwide FREE shipping!













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as always great ;)

in addition has a nice package tooooo


...and a nice price too :)


great handarbeit:)


Spectacular, the only word there for this pot, Roman :)


Is a temptation, and the price is ....


Thanks guys :)



Wow, wonderful pot!

So, if I'm not mistaken, it consists of anodized copper for the lower part, and black anodized aluminium for the top, correct?


The bottom part is nickle plated copper and the top is made of black anodized aluminium. The mounting frame and backplate are made of stainless steel.



Package is awesome :)


Thx PJ!



Hmm, no pic of internals? just a simple 3 hole pattern, or something more exotic?


I hope it's exotic...


Not very exotic. The pics I made of the internals had a bad quality that's why I did not publish them yet. It's a 6-holes design.

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