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Rbuass - GeForce GTX Titan @ 1750/1825MHz - 64921 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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Thanks all friends...

But would like to share that:

Me and Schenckel Bros worked about 10 hours or more working together.

We also modding, soldering, killed PWM, zoombified, benching and celebrate together.

We were really tired out... so, was good we shared and worked together to minimize the fatigue...

We killed the card after 1st hardmod about 1:00 AM.... and went immediatly to zoombiefied the card... when we were just tired...

So... would like to give 50% of the credit in all to my brother, Schenckel... that's a really close friends and often be part of overclocking sessions at home.

Just FYI.... Schenckel Bros = Cleiton Schenckel and Jacson Schenckel...

In name of us, I would like to give you thanks for all friendly words.



Working hard to do the best overclocking... is the passion and way that we follow...

Top guys like Shamino, TiN, Vince, Andre (and MANY others), that we've follow, to overclocking community, is the main inspiration for us)

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