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Z87 Memory Overclocking

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maybe help a tiny bit, you remember that setting we saw in early haswell memory OC leaks, tRDRD in GBT BIOS this is called tRRSR i find some increasing this it helps a few MHz(about 25-100mhz).



5 should be good up to 2800 and is much faster than 6, but you are right is should gain a bit for higher mhz runs.

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~1.75 for daily use and as long as they scale (up to 1.85-1.95V) for benching


They scale very well, is a triple channel kit 3x2GB, I can get 2200MHz 8-11-8-24-74-1T @ 1.83v with 4500MHz and 43x uncore, they also do 2400MHz 10-17-17-36-88-1T @ 1.83v with 4500MHz and 43x uncore... let's see what I can do with 1.95v!


Yesterday bought a second-hand GSkill PI 1600MHz CL6 2x2GB PSC kit with the same serial as my triple channel kit (11221040....), the idea is to make a 8GB kit with the 5 PI sticks without losing the ability to overclock them.

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