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No search for "any" benchmark?

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Some months ago it was possible to enter some hardware and search for any benchmark with that hardware.

Since I'm often after scores for more obscure hardware (in which cases I'm happy about just about any benchmark result) this saved me a lot of time compared to now.

Currently you have to pick a specific benchmark.

With some hardware this means clicking through every single benchmark, starting new search and checking if there's a result or not.


Could this "any" option maybe be re-added?

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A couple of weeks back, we had a major database lockup because someone was using the "all benchmark" search functionality. If you have the server look through all 800,000 results, it takes a while.


I don't think we can bring back the exact search functionality like before, but perhaps something where one search parameter is required and benchmark is one of the options.

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I really wish we could but it puts too much strain on the database, causing unwanted outages and lockups. :(


You mentioned maybe bringing it back as long as you had at least one other parameter set. Is this a possibility? Or perhaps two parameters?


That way I could look up all benchmarks run with an i7 980X and a GTX 480. That would be really awesome!

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