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SF3D OC Gathering - Assembly Summer 2010/Can it run Crysis?


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Hi all!


It was once again that time of the year, when I tried to gather some of my friends to have some fun in Finland. This year I had my own vacation at the normal event time, so we decided to do something different.


Assembly summer is the biggest lanparty we have here in Finland and that is perfect place to do some extreme overclocking. The main sponsor of the event in Assembly was Jimm's. Jimm's is the best PC shop in Finland and they are really excited about the stuff we do.


The OC crew were..:

Massman-Belgium (likes young children like most belgians and have awful buttsweat)

Predator-Spain (sleep..forgot all the stuff..most drunk)

Ryba-Poland (had some fun with nice ladies..)

Elmor-Sweden (missed flights and had withdrawal symptoms from Vantage)

Neoforce-Russia (Winner of the shooting contest and RRRR letter rehearsal)

Dedal-Russia (Almost killed one of the Jimm's guys with LN2..most gentle as always)

Macci-Finland (bachelor weekend..overclocked mainly himself during the event :) )

SF3D-Finland (Stressed, mocked and laughed organizer, no oc this time for a reason)


So, what we did was simple.


First legendary time on summerplace on Thursday. Eating, drinking, swimming and some sauna sessions of course. The discussions during the evening were very lively.


Then we travelled to Helsinki on Friday morning and did some 4 way SLI overclocking, but unfortunately one of the graphics card were dead and there was some rendering issues. Well, it was ok, cause the party on Friday night was awesome. We went in to the most classy restaurant in this country and had a lot of fun in VIP section. 16 years old single malt anyone.. only 300€ :)


Saturday was the main day and then crew was splitted in to 3 groups. They had LN2 on graphics and CPU of course. Then they had to bench game benchmarks with DX11 and DX 10 technologies. The most interesting part was the Crysis multiplayer with LN2 cooled rigs. That was interesting for the masses around and I think we hit the max visitors point then. Next time the dispalys and place will be better, so people can see better. All the CPU pots in the event, were my new SF3D OC Inflection points.


OK.. huge amount of uninteresting stuff, so here are my few pictures.

I had videocamera in my hands most of the time, so I hope someone else will post more and better pictures:










Assembly Summer 2010:









Thanks for Jimm's PC Store for everything, you made this possible.

Thanks to ASUS, your help was needed to make this event complete.

Thanks for the guest. You were good like always and made the OC look so easy in those conditions.

Thanks for all the friends I met there.. see you next time!

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The thread!


As I saidon MSN: again thank you very much for having me there, Petri! It was fun, as always, both the pre-overclocking as the overclocking itself. Also huge thanks to Jimm's and ASUS for providing all the gear for the event ... I must say that the Xpander is a lot easier to work with that I originally anticipated (although the first one not working). The Crysis overclocking was very different from normal: I never imagined it would be possible to game in highest resolution/settings while pouring LN2 on CPU and GPU. :D


The nightclub was, thanks to Santi, a nice experience too. Never seen such a pricelist in my life; thank god we were not craving for champagne that night.


It was a good weekend:


- SF3D: "there's always someone missing"

- Elmor: "I didn't see MM, forgot the boarding pass, was unable to force through security, didn't have MM's number, missed my flight, ripped my pants and didn't get to run Vantage"

- Neoforce: "Nooooooo, I am not drunk"

- Dedal: "Look, I can sleep standing up!"

- Predator: "I must take a walk outside at 1AM"

- Ryba: "Is that a nice pot? You want new pot? I bring new pot!"




PJ looking sharp as always. :D


In my defence: it was 85°C in there.


I didn't say it was a great defence :(

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  • Crew

Here is one more video:


Many thanks to everybode who participate in this great event! Especially to SF3D, Jimm`s and ASUS!

I have a fantastic weekend (except being "not drunk"). It was a pleasure to meet Jussi and Santi.


If you would like my thoughts in same style so it will be:


- SF3D: "What? Where? How? Ah, everything is OK"

- Elmor: "The only thing I can do is playing Crysis, but I`m the winner"

- Massman: "Belgians are so strange =)"

- Dedal: "Sleeping beauty"

- Predator: "Losing everything except my head"

- Ryba: "Is that a nice pot? You want new pot? I bring new pot!" © Massman


Sergio, Marcin, Petri, Jon, PJ, Jussi - it was very nice to meet you again and I hope it was not the last time we met in Finland

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I need to say big thanks to all arganisators and espessialy to Petri, Jimm`s and ASUS.

It was great meeting for sure. Club Tiger was damn good.

I was very glad to see all of you guys again.

It was a pleasure to meet Jussi and Santi. :)



Later I'll upload some more pictures.

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I'm "shipped" back home finally :D


Well what can i say, it's been plenty of fun as always, it was a pleasure to meet my oc buddies again , you guys are always great


Thank you very much Petri for inviting me to this awesome event, i must say this is the greatest lan party i had ever been to, the Hartwall Arena is just amazing :)



Maybe our overclocking place could have had more room :P , but really that's the thing i won't complain at all, i've been treated like a VIP king the whole event, with free drinks and free food, i cannot thank you enough for this weekend of fun


Shame that i missed some of the fun though, i would have loved to go Tampere to Petri's summer place, but i didn't have better flight combinations so i was there too late and had to come back home too soon :S , eitherway, i enjoyed so much all my staying there :)


Also it was great to meet Jussi and Santi (when Petri told me his name i understood him "Sandy" , then he told me -that is a Spanish name isn't it?- my reply was, -that's a beer brand- LOL )


Special mention to meet Macci!! i only saw him as a top name in the OC world over at forums, meeting him in person has been awesome :)


As well as i meet briefly again Sampsa and Kinc, it was sort but nice :)


My favorite phrase of the trip "olet kaunis" , it was nice saying this to girls and seeing her reaction, thanks Petri for the tip :D

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Haha..what a pictures! I need to get them all, so be ready to upload them for me :)

Pieter + Gun = scary


I have been trying to recover from the event, but still no success.


Ohh..and thanks for the kinds words. We found a lot of things, which can be done better in the future events, so thanks for that.

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I will start to edit the video from event today. Luckily there was no success, when someone tried to take some material from Sauna :)


The Assembly part is quite good with ripped pants of elmor and drumming massman. Too bad, that the camera was not with me all the time..some moments would have been worth of filming.

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