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Request: A vMod for the GTX 570 (Gainward Phantom), and does this mean overvolting with hardware modification (cause I overVOLTED/-clocked my GPU already by ~ 0.040 mV @ plus ~ 100 MHz and ~ 0.060 mV @ ~ plus 120 MHz, both memory @ ~ 2000 MHz ) ?? o_O


So overvolted by Std. Gainward values, which are 1.013 mV @ 749 MHz core & 1951 MHz memory

to (using Gainward tool Expertool 2 v. 8.9g, but will update to current version tool 9.0 soon):


A: my normal OC gaming mode, for normal games: - - 1.050 mV @ 855 MHz core (1998 MHz memory)

B: my UBER mode (like AMD :D ), for UBER BF3 game: 1.075 mV @ 877 MHz core (same as above here ^)



Edit: added more information

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Thanks :)


Do you happen to have all of hipro5's mods?


It's in Greek but all the pics work plus you can understand a lil' bit with google translate :D


Electrolytic capacitor for better 1:1 & 3:2 oc - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=2


Vagp - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=3


Vchip (vdd) - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=4


Vdimm - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=5


VTT (two ways of doing it) - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=6 Be careful with this one.


Where to use heatsinks and fans, some stability mods in the back of the mobo and a couple more general stuff :D - http://www.thelab.gr/apo-to-ergastiri/ena-magiko-taksidi-sto-kosmo-tou-extreme-1793.html?garpg=7

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searching for mod's for the sapphire HD3870 X2 and the evga gtx 560 ti 448 classified


3870X2 should have the Volterra 1165 or? Should be possible to use software like Awardfabrik Voltage Factory to change the voltage.


Which Chill controller is on the 560 exactly?

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The chil chip is a 8266 i thik,the pic is a bit blury.whil re chek on the card.need to unplug it from the rig

idd the 3870 x2 have the vt1165, and the software works but i don't reach beter oc whit it


edit: after unplugging the card and rechekking i have the name of the chip

it is a chil 8266 q1u 380.1 01 u1013 thailand

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Guest cowgut

Sorry for x2 posting....


Bios mods for the 750ti can get up to 1.3v using KeplerBiosTweaker

here is 1.25v and the max i'v read is 1.26ish in heaven bench


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Hey guys,

wanna ask for help with my Gigabyte GTX680 SOC.




vGPU-Controller: CHiL CHL8318 (http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/pb-chl8318.pdf)

vMem-Controller: Texas Instruments M430F5510 (full name MSP430F5510) (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430f5510.pdf)


vGPU is most important. It's not a bad chip on that card (1,4GHz@1,212V at air through 3DM11), so I wanna see what's possible with voltage tweaking.

Any idea on how to vMod that CHL8318 though?

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That eVc thing looks interesting, you know where I can get one of those Roman?


I'm used to FB Mods so that wouldn't be the problem, it's rather that I'm not familiar with the pinout of this controller and Kepler cards in general. I have no idea if you can just solder happily on the IC and the card boosts still as it should etc.

Gonna measure the resistance now and edit it any second.


Pin 4 to GND = 7.2 Ohm

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