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It should work for a large number of card but only really ati/amd cards and some nvida with old drivers


I'll see if I can do a brief guide later today because it's pretty easy to do and works increasing max clocks for any card as well


I only ever tested increasing the volts with a 7870 hawk and Asus 7870 dc2 v2 both of which used the same chill pwm

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here's my doggy attempt at a guide which is based on this http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=68909 but different and using an apu as an example but process is the same for volts




1. Select Msi Afterburner in drop down menu and make sure it isn't minimized


2. Select search to bring up search tap


3. Enter the limit you wish to change such as vcore (1.35v becomes 1350) but anything but power limit works


4. Click on box and make sure only Integer 4 bytes is selected


5. Use the same address range but this may change with new ab versions


6. Click OK. :D


7.Green arrow adds all and red just the selected.


8. Change the value to change the limit in ab but this part is going to take trail and error to change the right value. Once changed it will take a second or two before it shows in ab.


P.S. This intended for extreme cooling and is a hack so I'm not responsible for any damage in which it may/will cause

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Yes, I have used this method for 7970 Lightning, since I never managed to get the ABX (if you open some of my 7970 submissions you can notice ArtMoney :) ).

So it really works and see no reason it doesn't for other cards if there's no other limitation and the voltage is programmable with software in real time.

My advice is try to do it with clocks slider first to get familiar with the process, although it's not hard at all.


When you find the correct address to modify, just name it e.g "VGPU" and save it. Next time just load the saved address and only change the value.

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Hi guys,

I voltmodded my 9600GT (it uses an UP6203A voltage controller). Voltages and everything completely fine. Tested a little at air and got ok-scores for air cooling. So I switched to SS and got the worst performance ever. Like, 50FPS in the first 3D Mark 03 test (should be around 1000). Clocks are ok from what GPU-Z says.


I switched back to air cooling and everything is fine again. I believe the card goes in some kind of safe/throttling mode (although GPUZ shows regular 3D clocks) because it reads a wrong temperature. With SS on, it reads a temperature of 235-250°C while actually having -40°C.


Now, my question, what do you think and do you know any way of modding the controller to go around this stupid temperature bug?


Datasheet UP6203 Controller download: http://www.xup.to/dl,10102982/uP6203.pdf/

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Ah ok really interesting. I made a zombie out of a 2900XT which should be a decent VRM for stuff like midrange cards, but I guess I'm out of luck for 9600GT then. Still have tons of other cards to try it on, so I'm not too sad :D

Just really good to know this cold slow bug thing, I was disappointed already cause my SS+VGA constructions never work..^^


// Oh yea and before I proceed now and insulate my 8600GT, does this bug occur on G84 chips too? :D

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with 8600GT i had issue at lower ambient ( -5*C -last winter) , so i think is the same problem depends from gpu to gpu, prehaps earlyer issue on mine:D


actually i moded 3x 8800GT ( G92 chips 65nm) card all insulated for sub0 benching and i give a try under my rotary phase change cooling( -65* ) 2 of them has cold slow ...i have poor performance in specialy heavy load ( line nature 2k1 , 2k3 etc..), and the last ,work very well on gpu 1080mhz , but if i rise the mem( hynix FP1) clock even 5mhz from stock freq sistem freeze instantly ...so the mem controller inside the GPU has cold issue or at these temps(-60) , i modded the bios directly at 1050mhz( because on air cooling this card can do 1250mhz with 2,25v) on ram and updated the bios card but no luck :( the sistem frezze even in bios ...so i have no solution for this issue ..


from 4X 9600GT only one like -55* without shutdown the gpu power ( specify for CB issue)with vrm onboard..and 2 of them has same CS issue like your!


try to put a thermal pad or alu/cooper plated( 1mm-2mm -3mm tall) gpu die/ evap base...only way is to rise the gpu temp ...if you want necessarily to bench that card:D

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Aw that sucks, thanks for your information though.

I'm just gonna try this with my 8600GT, it's an okay card, could already run 1000/2160/1170 at water cooling. Shader need more cold to go higher. If it has Coldbug issues, that wouldn't be too bad, I wanted to zombify it anway. Cold Slow Bug would suck though. But I'm gonna think of something :P

Actually I already planned to use a copper plate, to protect the die from damage. I could also use Dice and keep it at ca. -20°C if it doesn't like lower temps. Will report back when I have any results ;)


Update: Put SS on my 8600GT (VRM etc. completely stock, just voltmod for GPU and Mem). Have -36°C at evaporator at the moment, boots without problems, first 3D Mark test also good performance.

Update2: So card ran really well, I had GPU temperaturs of -30°C at 1,6V and full load. I then actually made a really dumb mistake and killed the card :( because I tried to raise the GPU voltage on the variable resistor which was actually the one for memory >.< So that's fried. Burned my fingers on one of the Mem chips, too, felt like a soldering iron, mustve been at least 150°C 10s after switching the PC on :D

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Anyone has something for a Gigabyte 5670 ?


Identify any ICs on the card and Google the numbers written on the IC also post up some hi res pics of the card front and back


Edit: In future don't post this across 10 different forums but post on one and give at least 24 hours before cross posting

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have a card here with a uP6203 chip on it.

here's the datasheet



which pin do I need to solder and to where?


here is a high res shot of the chip area



(zotac 9600GT 512mb)




nevermind, it was pin 11, i just didnt read the datasheet properly.

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Lol,u find it faster than i can responds


Ps: stil need a mod for my 560 ti 448 classified whit chill 8266

datasheet of the chill 8266 http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/pb-chl8266.pdf

It has a 2-pin SMbus,so can i use a EVC divice on this card?

pins to use ar #14 = SDA , #15 = SCL and GND

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I am having trouble finding the instructions for vmodding the asus dc2 gtx680 graphics cards, the 2gb ones. Specifically modding them for non-asus non-vga-hotwire-compatible motherboards


Nvm found it.


Might need a bios

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Well hard modding is not needded yet so far for me just a bios flash with gain +50 or more on clocks.

Remember no software volt adding and read voltage with dmm no trust software

Evga 750 ti bios good for 1.21v clocks modded to go around any +135 limits in certain drivers.

good for 1490+ on air with this card


there is more in the bios if you want to mod it more up to 1.265v+ i have found to be ok


the lateset card i got sucked out of the box stock 1.25v!!!!! and trottle was very bad but is great on dice after bios mod....sucky on air or water thuo only 1468

asus model with 6 pin


asus cards bios has all power states 2d .97v 3d 1.28v max,the +135 limit in driver is no problem for air with that its the cards dice limit 1546 not bad for just bios and dice






How would you get up to the 1.265V+ range?

I've got KBT and the special NVFlash already from upping the power limit on my card, but couldn't figure out the voltage tables :(




Edit: it's looking like I can't get by 1.165V currently, even using your BIOS.

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Hey, I'm trying to figure out volt mods for a Gigabyte GTX750ti black (GV-N75TWF2BK-2GI). I'm pretty sure the chips are uP1542s and 81172, but I can't find datasheets on either of them though.


Any help would be great. Even just the datasheets so I can have a go at figuring it out myself would be extremely helpful.

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Guest cowgut

I hate to ask but....titan x volt mod?

I can not find the same points on this card as others the controller is used on.


I am not looking to put a power board on the card and its very boring with just modded bios so any help?

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