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Shall we talk about UCBench?


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Here is a screenshot not to make you angry but to show you how to bug UCBench to run stupid high.




using -ri7 after the instruction set I would say 1 in 10 runs will be buggy like this


In the screenshot you will see its not there because I erased it before taking it.


I think the answer to this is to require a valid link for top 20 in each category.

The valid link will show the actual string you used in the command line.

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I agree. I will also contact the author to see what can be improved security-wise and maybe a different launcher.


sounds great mate :)


@ Kenny: Only purpose of the thread was to show how to bug it so it will be fixed and how we can help make it more secure :) Sorry we broke it hehe

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Oh, it's nothing against you, Allen, or the other guys that have been pushing the benchmark recently. If anything, the last few weeks have shown that letting a benchmark age and be worn in before awarding points means absolutely nothing given how points-focussed most of us are :(

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Guys may I suggest that until such time as there is a fail safe mechanism built into the verification process we suspend points for this benchmark. The testing that I have done for our team has shown way to huge a divergence of scores and methods of manipulating the scores. There is no harm in trying something. There is potential for harm in once trying and finding out it is not fit for purpose in its current form, of persisting doggedly with that experiment.


Shelve or suspend for now, reinstate once sorted.

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Why? so this one would be bugged aswell? Or not bugged because I also used 2 and 4? http://hwbot.org/submission/2501341_der8auer_ucbench_2011_pentium_e2220_(2.4ghz)_447.3_mpt_score


Not bugged.


Then there's TONS of bugged runs. I need to use the LN2 today or it will evaporate, should I only bench with -ssse3? I will be beaten by results with 500 Mhz lower clock...


Yeah. pretty much. If single core cpu then select anything you want.

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