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Haswell-E SuperPI 32M Challenge


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As it had been discussed before - you don't have reliable way of verifying the results. You have to rely on existing results and a common sense what is possible and what not. But that's not reliable enough.

Because of this, asking for rankings is pointless, I think, although I'd love to play too.

Involving points would make it appealing for cheaters.

I'm speaking more generally..about all 32M low-clock challenges, not just Haswell-E. Heck, I don't even have the platform.

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Who cares???

Gpupi gave points within one month...same for geekbench and so on...let the wrapper work as a beta for 3 month...many will use that one in other forums as well!

Then launch it and we all have fun with doing a real mem benchmark!

Do we have any real mem benchmark? No....not in my opinion...

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