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System for superPi 32m/1m by Perica_barii


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Here you can download my system for 32m




and here is quick instructions how to install/use it...


It is ghost file and you need at least one HDD/SSD with two partitions of which one should be primary and active. You will use Norton ghost ( best way is to boot from hirens boot CD/USB drive, than use ghost) you will choose option ghost from partition to partition choose file and ghost it to primary one. I usually use 2 discs both prepared this way ( better effects with copy waza with 2 discs), much easier if system get dirty after too many failures to just switch to other disc.


If you have missing wlnotify on boot ( yep that is my signature) you got my system already, also easy to check if you press WIN+pause ( should be registered to Perica_barii)


This system is made in 775 scoket days so you still got setfsb on desktop and old cpuz, just erase it if no need for that one. You got folder superpi, just drag and drop in eram and use shortcut eram spi to run spi. The rest you know use copy waza and play....


You got Waza folder in root of drive C: around 700mb that you can use for quick bench ( or erase if you do not need), better effects with different ( bigger waza ) so play and find best for you...


No need to hide spi windows with my system cause no gain from it, the rest you will figure it out...



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Guest barbonenet

I tryed it , but for me it's a little bit slowly respect at my xp sp3 tw without eram.....about 0,6sec ;)


Edit: after many run.....for now i got the best score on perica_os ;)

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Guest barbonenet

My very problem is how do waza.....usually i use .bat.,..,but i'm NOT sure that is the perfect mode for do it....i do 1 perfect run each 30 :(

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