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The official Challenger 2015 Div VII Round 2 thread.


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Except for Division VII, which is with legacy hardware. Initially the idea was to have 5 different platforms with each 1 benchmark every round, but after some feedback it was clear that would have been too much for participation. So we changed it to one distinct platform per round.


Apologies if this wasn't communicated properly

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I made preliminary check, due to a major problem on the website for me I can´t block atm :D - therefore I leave a notice here that you better read 3d99max verification rules again, nearly all screenshots are not valid

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come on websmile I doubt anyone has any problem with any screen shots (maybe one) if anyone has a problem please speak up


my screens show all of this


3DMark99 Max benchmark settings

3DMark99 Max overall score

3DMark99 Max subtest scores


CPU-Z Memory tab

GPU-Z Graphics Card tab (Rivatuner may be used if GPU-Z fails to correctly report the GPU)

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