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Gigabyte Z170X-SOC Force - DDR4

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Hey all,


Since Bull is playing with other boards right now I figured I'd share my journey with this board. I received it yesterday and just got a few minutes to tweak before I had to call it a night.


Using BIOS F5 (newest), there are still a few things to iron out.


Issues (possibly user error, still new to the board):

  • RTL and IOL 55 every time I touch them, even if I set them to the same values it had set automatically. EDIT: I've been told this may be due to setting just RTL and leaving IOL on auto. Will verify this evening if setting them both manually fixes the issue.
  • tCWL was unbootable at 9, which many others are running at much higher frequencies
  • tWTR_L defaults to 12 if I set 10 or 11. Haven't tried other values yet.




Don't have a Pi OS put together for SKL yet... just running on a dirty W7 for now. Only tweaked primary and secondaries, not very tight. RTL and IOL are auto for the time being.


Kingston 3333C17 1.35V MFR @ 3333 13-15-15 28 1T @ 1.50V



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Great news!


Figured out how to set RTL and IOL!


Turns out GB has them in a different order with different labels. Here's an image that has the ASRock labels on it so you know how to enter them when looking at Timing Configurator:




EDIT: And reversed in text to match ASRock... be very careful not to mix up the zeros and ones.


RTL (CHA) D0	=	Round Trip Latency (DIMM0/Rank0)
  D1	=	Round Trip Latency (DIMM1/Rank0)
RTL (CHB) D0	=	Round Trip Latency (DIMM0/Rank1)
  D1	=	Round Trip Latency (DIMM1/Rank1)
IO-L (CHA) D0	=	IoLatR0D0
   D1	=	IoLatR0D1
IO-L (CHB) D0	=	IoLatR1D0
   D1	=	IoLatR1D1


EDIT 2: This post is incorrect. Please see post # 26 below for the correct information.

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Got a few more results last night. Still nothing too great. It turns out the board was setting extremely high RTL's but they were about the best it could do, even with manual tuning. I'm going to get everything as tight as possible for routine 32M passes and then compare to other boards. After a little bit of tweaking secondaries (and a nap), here are last night's results. Still junk OS, for the time being:


G.Skill 3600 Samsung E-Die kit @ 3866 15-19-19 28 1T - 1.65V







  • At 3866 @ 1.65V, I could not pass with tCWL 12 and would fail boot ~50% of the time. tCWL 13 is perfectly stable.
  • tRRD_L & tRRD_S in BIOS do not correspond with tRRD_L & tRRD_S in Timing Configurator. Haven't figured out how to change them yet.
  • I was unable to tweak better than 64-56-64-57-4-6-4-6 on RTL's and IOL's @ 3866 @ 1.65V.


vDIMM was 1.65V, SA was 1.26V, and IO was 1.22V.


More testing to come after the weekend!

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Got Windows XP installed and playing around with 5G 32M on my 6600K using BIOS X08. Once I figure out how to recover my other partitions, I'll transfer some screen shots over.


The second RTL won't set though... If I enter 50/50/56/57/4/4/6/6 I get 50/65/56/57/4/4/6/6. Kind of annoying atm but I'm going to keep playing with it. There are a number of other timings that aren't showing (or possibly setting) right with ASRock's Timing Configurator.

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Guest Bullant

Good luck bass look forward to seeing your results man,I'm not sure how that board trains rtls but I would try what crusty says as the guy knows his stuff he's a very good overclocker

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I'll give it another go on Monday.


There's also the nasty problem of not being able to lower Cas. I was hoping to get everything else tightened down then have a go at it again but setting anything lower than 15 is an instant 55, even with volts up to 1.95V. I know BIOS F5 is better for memory but you can't run it with XP on the native ports. Sounds like we need a new X BIOS!

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Yup! It has the boot voltage. Will push this around. Also, believe it or not, all tertiaries are still on auto. Haven't got to tuning them yet. I'll back those off a bit. I read in Alex's guide that they should be close or equal to CAS and mine are lower so I'll give that a go.


Hopefully next week I can devote a few hours each night to this. Kinda driving me crazy that I've had the board for about a week and still don't have my timings nailed down.

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