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Fixing mobo with grease in socket

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So does alcohol and contact cleaner (contains acetone)


I have a gallon of the Home Depot Klean Strip 100% Acetone, so using this is to save money is of no greater risk to plastics than the contact cleaner I use assuming I'm not pouring it on my motherboard of course. I've only been using this one since it says "Plastics Safe" on it but it runs out so fast. I guess I've always thought of acetone being used repairing boats or race cars since they are fiberglass.



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(check "application" section of that stuff, some are real miracles)


thats what we used to degrease at Sun Micro Server division back then (was part of the SunShine Cleaning Kit):




if the prices look like madness - you sometimes still find old sun e10k CPU cleaning kits online, they contain everything needed to clean a CPU or socket and few people know what they are worth.

Also notice that "request a sample" button. No Idea what they charge for that. You may want to ask their sales agent for a sample for that particular application. A bottle of that stuff is enough for a few hundred mainboards.


as a matter of experience: open the windows. that stuff is a pain in the lungs.

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ive done it with a "soft bristle" tooth brush, not medium or hard, and with methylated spirits then blow it out with compressed air, and with intel as you know the pins sections face different ways, you dont go brushing the pins backwards when they face forwards, thats just looking for disaster no matter if you use a soft anything, we all know how easy it is for an intel pin to catch , next minute you got a bent pin or pins, a can of that tin stuff i reckon would cost $15-20, metho costs $5 a litre here in coles supermarket, it still dilutes the paste, the beauty of metho is it dries out and helps dissipate any moisture,(remember water in your fuel tank ? and you'd use metho to dissipate the water) doesnt hurt the board or electricals, doesnt melt anything, just a little slower to dilute the paste and or vaseline, ive poured metho all over my boards and no probs, nail polish remover works too, thats acetone, knock off your wifes or girls nail polish remover and comes with a soft brush, hahaha

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