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[INFO] OBT / BC1 in retail channels


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to share some information about the Streacom BC1 and the OBT Open Benchtable. The BC1 will be in retail by December (I think) and we'll update with links below.


The main difference between the OBT and the BC1 is the traveler sleeve and the limited edition engraving. The BC1 is fully compatible with all the OBT mods/tools, so you don't have to worry about that.


Will update the list when I find more time :)


//17/02 Update: full list on the Open Benchtable website Stock - Open Benchtable





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A local retailer (Capital Computer Centre) in Hong Kong now sells the BC1 bench table. I do not know if this is a one time off arrangement (ie until inventory runs out) or a long term commitment.


I visit the store today and see the store has about a dozen there. All 3 versions (silver, black and red) are available and they all sell at the same price (HK$ 999).




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Hello @marcoliu, the OBT Mini that I have bought serves as multi purpose build in my living room eg htpc / living room computer / games.

Love the OBT and the OBT Mini is adorable.

Will post pics for the build in pcpartpicker soon.

List of components

  • Maximus Impact VIII
  • I7 6700k (Delidded)
  • Scythe Mugen 5 (push pull Noctua NF F12) (handles 5.1ghz and 1.47v with the 6700k above and beyond)
  • Nvidea 980 4gb
  • Corsair SF 600
  • Samung 850 pro


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