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3Dmark 2008 'Vantage' Poll #2 - enable points


Should we award points for 3DMark Vantage scores  

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  1. 1. Should we award points for 3DMark Vantage scores

    • Yes, to both the extreme and default preset
    • Yes, but only for default preset
    • Yes, but only for extreme preset
    • No

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.., cant stay away...

there´s a lot of work put in to finding the 2k3 problem.., an old benchmark.., outdated long time ago...

We have a brand new benchmark we dont do, no boints.., reasons unknown I would say.., even if SF3D manage to get reduction for HWbot users it wont change the outcome.., for me this reulted in I only bench xtreme preset now... I paid 20 bucks for Vantage..,(I paid for all my benchmarks 01, 03, 05, 06, and Vantage..,) I want my own licences thats all. Put a lot of effort into Vantage when it came out.., then came all the bs with PhysX.., I must laugh.., here is a whole bunch of reasons for stopp doin this.., not to mention all the other "shared hw, mipmap, LOD, hp" reasons...

But.., in my heart I´m a bencher.., so I cant stay away.., even if that would be the most sane thing to do...

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Ok people, it's time we close the poll. The outcome hasn't changed much in the past 2 weeks.


It ends in 68.44% in favor, 31.56% against. It's obvious most of the community wants to see Vantage added, yet many are still against it. We can't please everyone, but we can please the majority.


We have made a deal with Futuremark to offer Vantage for a reduced price (about 25% off) for hwbot members. I hope this will convince some of the 31% to use Vantage.


Hwboints will be enabled as soon as the have the reduced price Vantage edition ready, we are aiming at next Monday.

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