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[FS:EU] Z170MOCF - 220EUR shipped!

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Dear All,
usual sell out, none of these are rejects or defected. im just not using as much to keep it for future. looking for cash only no trades.

#1 Asrock Z170M OC Formula

fully boxed, insulated with thick layer of liquid electric tape, modded for coffee lake support, bios "B" has latest kaby supported bios, bios "A" contains L7.51G as the latest coffee bios. works perfect, used for a couple ln2 sessions and ambient as well but never for a daily. usual socket pins burned once when i first tried it with 8700k and not covered the well known 2 pads on the cpu, however a friend of mine replaced the 2 pins for me to brand new ones. so looks and works like new. i suggest to always cover that 2 pins when using coffee lake, it has no disadvantage or whatsoever. Original invoice is also coming with the board. 






#2 Core i5 8600K L730C318 

cpu is delidded and grizzly condactonaut is under the ihs + glued back. im not the first owner who used condactonaut on the top of the ihs as well thats why its faded a bit, so hard to read the batch and so on but i tried to clean it as much as possible. it is avx prime stable at 5G 1.208v, R15 pass on ambient water at 5.2G 1.27v, 5.25G 1.314v, 5.3G was not stable at 1.35 range so did not push further. this cpu was used as my daily, never tried on cold but i think it should be above average.




#1 - 220 euro shipped!!!!!
#2 - 275 euro shipped  sold

thanks and regards,

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