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Cheapaz Chips 2022 Brainstorming


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So far from discord I've seen suggestions of gf106 or 108 cards, also on amd side gv710 or similar core and also recommendation of oland or Caicos core. 

Personally I also would like to see more of the small tesla cores in future comps, but next year.

For this year I like the idea of amd, although not Terra scale based as we've had two comps with it and gcn is weirdly expensive. So I'd personally lean towards gv710 (HD 4350 etc) but also open to suggestions

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I believe these core can be used in a cheapaz comp

Nvidia :
GF108/GF117 (but it's 40nm vs 28nm)

AMD : 
Cape Verde

Intel : 
Any HD graphics from a particular generation/socket 

The G92/G92B is hit or miss, sometime price are really crazy and sometime you can get one for really cheap but for all other, there is enough different card/reference to bench, even on laptop (for these, CPU are old and cannot compete with recent one so maybe try to have at least 2/3 bench with GPU score only ?)

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My 2 cents go towards lowend Fermi/kepler, RV710 will be once again superbound to mem like GT218 and not sure if we want another unicorn competition of whoever finds true GDDR instead gDDR card, only save for gt218 was that GDDR3 cards didnt have enough vram for vantage and being too rare to find.

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Going too low end leaves room for unicorn cards. 

for ATI/AMD I find one of these options adequate:

RV740 - ATI Radeon HD 4770
Juniper - AMD Radeon HD 6770
Cape Verde

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Guest Digg_de
2 hours ago, yosarianilives said:

Interesting that the 4550 has ddr2 that's clocked higher than all the Ddr3 cards

maybe because it is gddr2 vs ddr3?
so confusing.. again. :P

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