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Great memories, this was the time I joined Hwbot. Now here is my personal story, even if nobody asked for actually. ;)

In the second half of 06 I began to visit Hwbot on a regular basis and soon I had the idea of joining Hwbot with a team of members of the PC Games Hardware forum, which was my very first online forum in 2003 (joined 2004). But in 2006 PC Games Hardware still hadn't his own dedicated forum and a major part of the so-called Computec community were gamers and readers of the PC gaming magazines PC Games and PC Action. So I expected to encounter heavy resistance by trying to establish a Hwbot team and convince community members (and the forum admins) why it is a great idea to overclock your system not for daily usage but for better benchmark results. However I decided to choose the easier way and joined Awardfabrik, which was and still is one of my favorite overclocking communities. Awardfabrik was the home of some well-known extreme-overclockers already back then, so I had the chance to learn the basics for competetive overclocking. A few months after I joined the Awardfabrik team during Games Convention PC Games Hardware launched the forum PC Games Hardware Extreme, which was focused on extreme overclocking and was inspired by (XS-)fr3ak (my later workmate), so of course I had to register there immediately (user #36 :cool:). As one of the initial member who was focused on extreme overclocking it was just a matter of time when I became a forum moderator at PC Games Hardware Extreme, especially considering that I already was a moderator at the classic, non-extreme PC Games Hardware forum. So after PC Games Hardware finally had choosen the way I asked for in the past, it was a pretty natural thing to join the Hwbot team of PC Games Hardware even if it was a tough decision to leave my first Hwbot team. In 2008 I started to work at PC Games Hardware and meanwhile I'm one of the administrators of the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum and Hwbot team captain and probably don't support it the most by uploading OC results (unfortunately :o), but promoting and taking care of events like team competitions, the PCGH-EOS founded by der8auer and stuff like the costless Hwbot team shirt. PC Games Hardware might not be the most traditional team, but has a great morale and is dedicated to overclocking in all different shapes, which is fantastic and likely the main reason for its success. :)

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"Wow, Finally I'm in homepage with a dedicated news! :D"

"Ok Francesco, but it's not related to oc results..."

"Shut Up, I'm in first page I said" :D :D


Jokes apart, it was really a good time, I was in the overclocking hobby since 2003 or so, but in 2006 I started to use Dry ice and in 2007 LN2.

This screenshot was made because, after weeks of work, I succeded in doing Vmods on an Asrock 4core that came with Conroe support (extremely fast cpus in february 2007), DDR1 and DDR2 slots, PCI-EX and AGP slot.

So I put my shining E6600, a Mushkin DDR2 kit and this Full-modded 9800XT by Powercolor and here are the results!

The cpu was limited so 2,9ghz because of the mobo that couldn't manage FSB higher that roughly 300mhz; liquid cooling on chipset.

It was an honor to be "on top" of Macci and Oppainter, even if they used a Dothan or an AMD FX57 I think... but they had 100+°c of advantage using LN2 instead of Dryce :D:)

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