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I dunno, but what about other, OC related stuff? Like afterburner, lightning series, etc. I'd say those things are just as OC related as the gigabyte mobo. A section for Lightning overclocking would be cool, and maybe some afterburner subforum. Maybe that one wont be that active, but it would be a good source of information about releases etc.

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Subforum exists for gigaboys for this week 3/25/11.


I wonder if we'll see this board next week.


Collin said mid-March in the video.


Just looking at results for 2d/3d for this board.


ES-CPU's probably sent out with board to gigaboys.


I wonder if buyers will beat these ES-CPU ran scores, probability says, you guessed it.


Marketting ES-CPU's are awesome.


This week is still yours gigaboys

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