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TAGG - DDR SD-RAM @ 442.3MHz - 442.3 MHz Memory Frequency


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2 hours ago, TASOS said:

Very good result !!

You added yourself those 510 chips on pcb ?

Not just those ;) Whole stick consists of the best from 1x 510 and 1x 537 week DR sticks, first of which was dead 2nd just sucked :D


39 minutes ago, GRIFF said:

Good work TAGG. Hand made ramms?

Yup, will deffinetly keep at it :)

38 minutes ago, GRIFF said:

You have to beat my 445 MHz so it makes me want to do the 256Mb banks

Pretty sure a 256MB stick from the best of your dead sticks ICs would take gold...

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6 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

Like it, TAGG. Have you also checked influence of secondaries (like MAL, refresh settings etc) as there is some juice there too. Push for gold!

Too late :D  Sticks useless now, continued binning and archived 11MHz more (404 vs 415 @3,2V) than in the config this was in memtest but stick barely does 437 Valid now, looks like this whole thing isn't gonna be as easy as i hoped...


That being said i did some subtining tweaking on the now worse stick #3 and gained about 6-7MHz so if i kept the original config gold shoulda been doable, serves me right for assuming memtest = valid :P

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