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Hi guys

I have some old hw for sale,from denmark.

all is testet working and cleaning

payment: only bank transfer

I do not ship to china,sorry 

1. asus m7f with a 4690k   100euro

2.msi.x99s xpower in box with all accesories and a very nice 5930k and a 5820k not testet

but the 5930k MUST under ln2 for sure, also included a EK pwm waterblock,all look almost like new   140euro

3. rare ddr booster,working but lcd do not work so you have to see voltage in bios or a readpoint  80euro PENDING

4. rare corsair dominator gt peltiercooling/watercooling/ss cooling , I have made it for ss too,comes with mount for that too  80euro

5. rare adapter for lga 479m mobile cpus  120euro

6. a very nice rex with a bios profile at 645 fsb on air,and the 2th profile is a 950mhz mem with tight timings,that I have on pics

with the board comes a very nice e8600 batch Q822A435 with vid. 1.175 and 2 x 2gb corsair gt2000c8,did 950mhz 6-7-5-20-4-60-8-5-1t at 1.9-1.92v

it was only a fast test as I dont have much time the rest of the year.

it comes with full box,I think all is in it from I remember :)  300euro PENDING

7. box with some stuff,fine looking box for X58A-OC  15euro

8. strong bundle,asus mve , 3770K , G.SKILL 2400c9, as you see on the pics its an nice old set,board has plastic dip on for subzero , cpu never have had IHS off,still 7ghz at 1 core cpuz

ram do 1400mhz 9-12-12-15-1t dont remember subtimings ram have EK heatsink mounted price with EK 230euro whitout EK 215euro PENDING




















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On 10/30/2023 at 4:27 PM, T.Rex said:

in a few days I have a rex ready with e8600 Q822A435 and 2x2 gb gt2000c8 at 1020mhz 6-7-5-20-4-60-8-6-18-1t at 2.05v air spi 32m

tried 6-7-4 or 6-6-5?

also, could you do 1000mhz 6-7-5 with Adata?

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