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Can't validate CPU-Z file


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yesterday i benched the laptop of my brother (IBM X41). SuperPi, wPrime, PiFast worked all fine but i can't get a CPU-Z validation?!

v. 1.51

If i save the .cvf file and try to upload it this error appears:


File cpuz_21.cvf upload : OK

Dump corrupted .!


If i try to validate it via CPU-Z directy it says "Error" and the Errormessage is just "6"


So wtf? :D


Can you help me?


Thanks very much

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There`s really a validation problem with CPU-Z (validator). For example this rejection maybe could be explained by the special CPU we used, but today a forum mate explained, that this rejection (6h primestable) also happens at 3.2 GHz (48h primestable) and so on. A Q9550 is neither new nor rare, so CPU-Z validator became bitchy as Monstru mentioned already. There are many examples and IMO the worst about the whole rejection problem is, that this happens so random and there`s no way to anticipate.

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I can't get a validation with my current setup either.


I'm also using 1.51. I get no errors or corruption messages, just the big red cross and a message at the top saying rejceted by CPUZ 1.51


I've noticed a lot of these lately and I never noticed it before new version.

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But rejected is a hint for cheated results, isn`t it? It`s NOT(!) my intention to claim "if you get a rejected result, you cheated for sure" (then I would call myself a cheater...), but if we accept rejected results all cheaters will misuse our trust for sure. So it`s up to Franck to fix this and not to us to accept rejected scores.


Well, even validated scores don`t have to be correct, but you know what I want to say... :)

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hi guys,

I'm having the same issue with my validation.

I benched for the first time under LN² this weekend with team mates,

when I go back home and wanted to upload the cpuz file i got this error:

File cpuz6321_3.cvf upload : OK

Dump corrupted !


its the validation of max screen on my phenom II X4 960T @6321mhz.

BTW lower screen are having the same problem, exactly same error.

Is there any way to fix it?


(lastest cpuz version was used)



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