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wPrime only using one thread? :S


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Hi guys


sorry if this subject has been disscussed already, i tried the search but i wasn't able to find it


i had been having this issue for a while and i don't know the reason



but eventually when i open wprime (1.55) it "recongnizes" CPUs too fast and when i press run it only takes one thread off full 8


evenb with system not much overclocked, Vista had the issue and one XP (Isi's one) aswell, but my own XP has not the issue and wPrime took all the 8 threads, with same clock speeds


this "bug" bothers me so much, any tip??

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Or forget to put in 8pin connector ... haha :D


this one is my favorite haha, it happened to me in my last bench session (again) ,


"why the fluck is this board not booting!!!!)


one of my usually mistakes is not plugin ANY RAM modules at all, and wondering why this sucker keeps reporting C1....

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I remember I filled dryice in the pot once, using my DFi NF4 board. Got 4 red LEDs (= dead CPU/mobo) with the pot full... but then i realised the socket was empty, as the CPU was on the mousepad!:D


You're joking...remind me not to let you check for proper contact :P

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