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Bulldozer FX-8150 || GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD7 || MSI 4x GTX580 Lightning


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Getting ready, scores and more information is for the next coming days.




- 2x Bulldozer FX-8150

- GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD7 (F5 bios)

- 4x MSI GTX 580 Lightning

- 2x Dominator GTX2

- Silent Pro 1000W

- AX1200


Big thanks goes out to the boys at Tones.BE as well as GIGABYTE HQ and of course the legendary Macci from AMD !









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Before I go LN2 on the CPU, I need to return to the F5 bios to check some performance issues. I'm getting consistently 100p lower in Heaven DX11 on F6/G2 BIOS than I got with F5. I did reinstall the operating system (did that with F5 too), so maybe it's a software issue.



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Nice catch, Dino!


GT1 seems to be the most problematic game test for Bulldozer. The three others are roughly on par with Thuban. Given the Bulldozer architecture, I'd say the PT score is fine too for a 4 module chip. Combined isn't too big of an issue.


// Edit:


If GT1 would be so low due to the it's CPU-intensive nature, increasing the clock frequency of the CPU should yield in great scaling of GT1. Or at least greater scaling than the three other game tests.


GT1 4500 MHz = 86.28 FPS

GT1 4625 MHz = 87.74 FPS

GT1 4750 MHz = 87.85 FPS

(on F5 bios, 4750 = 89.61 FPS)


I don't understand why GT2 is getting worse when increasing the CPU frequency, though ...








// edit2:


Also, GT1/GT3 ratio of my scores compared to Dino's is very strange:


14994.png vs 673847.jpg

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I still don't understand why you are playing 4xSLI with Bulldozer. Are you a masochist or something? :)

SB-E at 5GHz will score way better that FX-8150 at over 7GHz. With 4xSLI you need a lot of CPU power for the VGAs to scale which you could not get with Bulldozer...

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I test Bulldozer for the same reason I play with IGP or like to play with the Athlon XP once in a while. I'm not interested in breaking world records or getting top scores, I'm just interested in seeing how the platform behaves and how you can maximize the results.


It doesn't make sense that GT1 slacking 15-20FPS is only due to a lack of CPU power. For one, all three other GTs are perfectly on par with Thuban. For two, increasing the clock frequency of the CPU doesn't really make GT1 scale; the scaling is identical to the other tests.

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Yea it wont go higher than 2.7-2.8 on air, i just saw a chart AMD made somewhere it said to expect 3-4ghz CPU NB clock under LN2, so i was wondering.


But i know for high GHZ you keep it low, but i guess if you were aiming for performance you might wanna raise it, no? I guess this is the only time anyone goes for BD performance.

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