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Epic CPU battles of history: Athlon FX-55, Pentium 4 EE, FX-8150 and Core i7 3960X


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Two icons of CPU history, 6 years of progress, 2 top of the line CPU's from today. From an overall point of view, or clock/clock, core/core with the ancients, how much do you think AMD and Intel progressed in the last 6 years? 4 CPU's, two different approaches, a test of epic proportions!


Epic CPU battles of history: Athlon FX-55, Pentium 4 EE, FX-8150 and Core i7 3960X | LAB501





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Cool article, thanks. Good read.


Not sure about the first graphs showing single core performance - it seems more logical to me to show single thread performance rather than single core performance. Showing single thread performance cuts out the HT/multicore evolution of strategy for both sides, as that perspective is covered sufficiently in the second graph. By dropping the Bulldozer down to one core, it eliminates an important factor - AMD's strategic decision to include more cores at less cost. In the meantime the first graph includes Intel's strategic decision to include virtualized threading - that is an important factor as well. A more meaningful comparison would handicap both chips equally. Not a big deal, but I think at a glance the graphs could be misleading for those who don't stop to think about what is being shown. In the future for an article including this sort of comparison, it would be cool to see HT disabled for a true single threaded performance comparison. The important data including the outcome of their architecture strategy is shown sufficiently in the default runs and scores.


Compliments on the article again, a lot of work and cool results. I just wanted to offer feedback to lend my perspective.

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