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Corsair Memory given up?

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Over the past 4 years, G.Skill and Corsair has been ruling the ram market for benchmarkers, the very top, has been from those two vendors 99% of the time, along the way came some other great products, ADATA, GeIL, Crucial & Kingston did pinch, but they were never truely dominating.


However, for the past year or so, there havent really been much activity from Corsair, it almost seems that they dont care anymore GTX-family was amazing product, they always got attention from both allied and foe, it was a serious player, untill GTX8 came(26th May 2011), those were the first that truely dissappointed, maybe the expectations were build up to high, but they did not impress compared to the outstanding products they were to replace.


Since then, almost a year has past by with 'Vengeance', targeted between value and Dominator (none GT), be it fair to say 'entry gamer kit'...


What are your vision on this? You think it is the fall of the titan, disagree with my thoughts, a temporarial thing, or maybe have a complete different view on things.


My 10 cents.


PS: It is a hardware discussion, not a "I am Mr. know it all", its just my humble thoughts, please share yours.

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Well, Gskill took over in all regards: highest performing kits, speed records, highest usage rates at the bot. The GTX-series were quite good, except for that last one (GTX8) which was (in my opinion) a blemish on the GTX-brand with poor clocks on all platforms except for Ivy.


Not sure if they gave up; I reckon they just moved to other markets. They do have a good gaming gear line-up tbh.

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I think they realized the value in the gaming segment as massman has stated, especially since their mainstream line is the Vengeance series and I am sure the profit margins on those kits are better then the highly binned kits.


All the GTX's have been excellent (Hyper & PSC) except for the GTX8 kit as it is definitely more comparable to a mid grade GSkill kit; GSkill has been truly GSkillliin it lately, but I think the lines are getting a bit out of hand since all they do is redesign a heat spreader and boom, new line. The Trident X 2800 kit is showing strong results on air (3000 11-14-14-35).

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They have started concentrating on their Vengeance Gaming Series overall I believe, and that Product lineup with Mice, Keyboard, headsets have pretty decent products which are doing good too, Too bad that the OCing community has to suffer because of that though.....

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Cry me a river, I didnt ever buy BBSE...

I thought I was into hardware quite a bit, but G.Skill is proving me wrong.... I honestly have no idea which of their products are good, and which are crap.... Their series, ranges, are not very easy to distinguish...


Trident, ripjaws, ripjawsx, mipjaws, pi, perfect storm, sniper, ares, and I could keep on.... Its is very hard to spot the cheetah in the horde.

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Guest cowgut

I'm just a smow but corsair lost alot of respect from me when they had the pro reviews tell us it was samsungs in their 350usd sticks but it was not.

Also have been told by them that my 680i chipset killed my ram so no lifetime warrenty.

Little things like that add up so i would never ever buy there products again,maybe some wised up and did the same?

so now its ssd's and trinkets they sell instead of high clocking ram.

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