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New WR freq. at 8805.6MHz


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New World Record of CPU Frequency at 8805.64MHz ! it not my stuff but.... from our forums member named " ksin " he braking new world record of CPU frequency by AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 at 8805.64MHz and only using LN2, this clock are crazy it close to 9GHz and you can looking more details and some results (SuperPi@8.5GHz)from him by here >> http://www.overclockzone.com/forums/showthread.php/1533313-lt-lt/page62

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multiplier 29 is damn low :P


CPU maxed out ?


Not sure because I did not stay there with him today. But yesterday we are just disappointed with the Ivy Bridge together.


Is this really legit? It's a BIG jump, using just LN2 and low voltage.....


Yah very big jump but maybe new lot of FX can do like this because this chip just bought yesterday and unbox(Maybe can :D) today.... boom ! WR

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Yep, pi at that frequency is super slow. Could that frequency be replicated with lower HTref and higher multi or at least get close to it?

Voltage seems low as well, but everything is possible.


Pi result might be bad if other cores are clocked much lower and no affinity is set?

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Thanks bro :)


Your welcome bro ;) and about pcb code he will give me later.



btw is this submission blocked? I don't understand )


Yah.. why it blocked i need to know about reason and why cpuid rejected too ?


btw. for hwbot block i understand because following cpuz validation that the rule ;)

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cpuid/cpuz rejected the validation because cpu was throttling so 8.8 GHz wasn't the real frequency that's why the superpi score was so low/slow


Ahh i see, so that mean some bug from system right for showing it to 8.8GHz ?


Thanks for answer :)




Last update... he just try again to night and i don't know it is still throttling again or not but he can get a little bit more MHz to 8855.2MHz now !






btw. waiting for cpuid checking ;)

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