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Looking for a new Motherboard


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I'm looking for a new motherboard dedicated to overclocking and gaming. The motherboard is preferably ATX, and has the least memory latency/etc. I will be buying it with the Microcenter 3570K discount, so it also needs to be on microcenter.com. My budget (pre-discount) is about 180-190 tops, and the Maximus V Gene looks ideal, but is mATX. Anyone know of any other boards that are ideal for this situation? Thanks in advanced.

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I would stay with your first choice, nothing can top the Gene V as a benching board (excellent bios) and it's great for gaming too...and the price is right !


If you want to opt for GB try the UD3H, far less costly and far easier board to work with then the UD5H...

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UD4H(memory OC is very good) And you can bench it. But it isn't out yet. M5G is good, but I am not sure if it was like M5E, but my M5E lacked any sort of memory OC recovery(really damn annoying, and what is worse is no one publicly talked about it, like asus was breaking their balls) Some guys told me to just flip the power supply switch, they said on the M5G that is what they do and it will allow you back into the UEFI, but on the M5E that didn't work.

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UD5H or UD5H..jk all this boards are great ,i have UD5H,UP7,M5G and i just recently sold OCF which i enjoyed very much,out of all of them i would say UD5H is the best bang for your buck and very nice 24/7 board and then some ,for RAM clocking i use M5G and UP7 will go under cold but needs more time for bioses to mature ,..couldn't keep OCF as it was just to bulky but the board was great

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