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[beta] HWBOT Prime - x86 / ARM / Windows / Linux / Mac bench

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Small problem with my odroid device - screen is locked in portrait, but of course my TV is landscape. This wasn't an issue with previous builds.




Also, the Exynos4 SoC is not recognised so I won't be able to compare my scores online. Is there any way to get the SoC recognised if the device has no name or so? Or how can we improve the database?

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* login feature more robust

* "me" tab shows points, rank and notifications from HWBOT (test server, not production)

* compare tab tweaks

* general tweaks








Be aware, this BETA version uses a test server (uat.hwbot.org), so your submissions will be wiped once HWBOT Prime for android goes out of BETA!

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Does the Android version have any dependencies that require a minimum version? Ie Gingerbread, ICS, Jelly Bean 4.1/4.2/4.4 etc?


It works perfectly fine on my SGS3 with 4.2.2, but I'd like to know if my older devices will be too old to bench. :)


EDIT: Bug Report: Can not launch app in Airplane mode, or with no active data connection. Doing so instantly crashes the app, clears the has crashed message THEN opens a random application. I say random as in the 5-10 times I tested this, each time opened a new application, despite me clearing my recent apps from memory.

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New version:

- Android OS version shown in compare list

- Android kernel shown in compare list

- Bugfix app does not crash when not connected to the internet, and informs you of limited functionality

- Related with bugfix: device info is cached locally in case network is down.

- other small improvements


Sames download:



Still BETA! App is bound to our test environment uat.hwbot.org and scores will be reset once out of beta.



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Seems like the app doesnt moan when user enters wrong password and then it tries to load the user page forever.


Was just going to report this as well, it keeps saying "Loading" or something like that for all fields.

There was also no way to upload the scores since the hardware didn't exist (Allwinner A20), maybe a save to local file option? This is something that I hate about CPU-Z android, if you clock too high the wifi goes out and you can't validate anymore lol.

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Lost 400 points in 2 run...

Also it does not use all power, the cores run at max a 1574mhz, but my Nexus 5 can go to 2270mhz... Also the device is recognized as a 16GB one but it is a 32GB...

Databes works fine...

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Guest barbonenet

hi guys, what it's the default folder saving in windows7? today i make one run and i don't find result!


can any one help me? thanks

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New version for android, still BETA so feedback & bugs are appreciated.





- offline mode. when checked scores are not submitted to HWBOT. When enabled after making a score, your best score is submitted.



- general ui improvements

- separated images & layouts for android low/medium/high/very high density screens. Looks ok on both old as new droids now.

- logging in/out improved and bugfixes

- code cleanup

- Generally still learning how to code for android :)





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