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[beta] HWBOT Prime - x86 / ARM / Windows / Linux / Mac bench

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Yeah some phones are really cryptic identifying themselves, so they need to be matched manually by the crew in the beginning. After a while detection will be good.


Next release will have many improvements including a neat overview on the benchmark tab so you can see which score you need to beat to have the fastest phone / cpu / cpu family / allround hwbot prime score.



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New version for android is available!



- records on bench tab

- leaderboard tab, ability to like & comment, expand to see details



- moved some options to the menu, instead of cluttering the ui

- code cleanup & styling improved








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Score: 2303

HTC One (HTC M7)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T (Krait 300)

Max 1728MHz (but runs mostly 900-1600MHz during benchmark as the core hits 50C), there also seems to be a bit of startup lag in the frequenties (start at 900MHz on all cores for a few seconds before they go to 1728MHz)


Maybe I have to put it in the freezer for half an hour before running the benchmark xD.



And another one for the record:

Score: 1069

ASUS MeMo Pad FHD 10 (ME302C)

Intel Atom Z2560

1600MHz (stable)

Temp stays 24C even after running it 5 times in a row (I think it is displaying the battery temp, as battery info is displaying the same temp)


All done with the latest .apk from the opening post.

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New version available:








- "my stats" layout and functionality finalized: show your basic info, and your wall

- you can like & comment stuff on your wall



- behavior when device is not yet known to us

- improved design of benchmark tab

- "toast" style notifications


known issues:

- you can not like the same thing twice, but the user interface does not show this

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HWBOT Prime for Android is out of beta! The latest version submits to production (http://hwbot.org).


Google play store (up in a few hours, being processed):



Direct link to APK (not recommended unless you don't have access to play store):








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Yeah, same.


The main bug I've had is the display is missing, and I have to rotate my screen to get it to appear, then rotate it back to portrait for it to be normal again.


I've also noticed that I can log in again and my account won't be remembered. It's happened to me once so far. I think I cleared cache in the settings. Does this clear log in info too?


EDIT: Actually, it doesn't save log in information at all for me. :(

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