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SUPERPI-1M research by Massman


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I'll take a look at the 1M records and make an template thread?


Just adding the first results from bunnyWK. He's been using LN2 since 2000!


Top scores



Used resources


- Bunny's SuperPI1M: http://www16.big.or.jp/~bunnywk/superpi.html

- ripping.org

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For now I have one result to add:

2006/06/30: 9.828s by Coolaler (link)


As far as I know coolaler did the first sub 10s runs and this result is the best he achieved that day. Unfortunately the screenshot(s) are gone ...


btw due to the list I already could sort out two false positives from 2005 and 2008 I (and most overclockers back then :D) thought that were WRs.


Edit: What happend with No_Name's 7.437s? The link in your list is broken and 7.440s is the best I can see from No_Name for the QX9650-category. However this thread at XS includes the screenshot and system details of the 7.437s WR result, so if the broken link can't get fixed this is a vaild source. (btw I have the modded P5K used for this WR at home actually as a collector's item. :banana:)

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i r pretty sure I never had a 1m "WR" - can remember the 2009/09/12: 6.703s with boris, but the other one must be a mistake....even though looks good beeing listed there...but tbh iirc there were better scores than mine back in 2008/08/11.


Still a good idea, really appreciated ;)

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