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gem 3770k 5.7ghz air


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Selling my amazing cpu. Only has a few hours use on it.


batch : 3251B562 costa rica.


5.7ghz air.. with corsair H60 and crap thermal paste






it can do:


1.13v 2c 5ghz 32M - screenshot

1.465v 2c 5.5ghz 32m (5.6ghz come halfway then fail) - screenshot

1.48v 2c 5.6ghz 1m - screenshot

1.5v 2c 5.7ghz cpu-z like above

1.465v 8threads 5.3ghz 3dmark06 -screenshot

1.25v 8threads 5ghz wprime 1024 -screenshot


CPU is excellent for air and 3d LN2. I could not get more than 108.8 bclk on ln2, so i was limited by that.. could 6.7ghz am3 and 6.88 pifast easy, i spent very little time on these runs. You can do more for sure, cause it was pushing the fast base gemini pot of mine


6.7ghz am3 - screenshot

6.88ghz pifast - screenshot


i can delid and put liquid metal for extra 20$, and replace IHS. if you want to use it for airbenching.


price: 500$, i can do 2-3 day DHL shipping to anywhere for 20$ extra.


I accept: Paypal, western union , wire transfer.






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Why is it necessary to confuse Hwbot community members about the cooling solution being used?


Just for future reference - this is an air cooler:



This is a water cooling system:



So if you used the water cooling system Corsair Hydro H60 for your results, don't call it "5.7 GHz air" please (even if the H60 isn't superior to high-end air-coolers, no doubt).

(It would be wrong to use a 4 stage cascade and call it air cooling, just because it has some fans attached to it, right? :D)


I'm sorry if that sounds rude or fussy in a way, but I'm just a bit disappointed about that wrong claim as we're talking about 500 bucks here, so provided information simply should be correct and not random. :(

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