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SuperPI 32M records from 2000 until now (*)


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I spend all afternoon doing research on the history of superpi 32M world records. Thanks to Holicho's database, I had a good source for fairly accurate information on the world record. As with any archeological research, it is quite possible that we'll find other records in the future, but for now this is my best estimate of the 32M record evolution since the year 2000.


All clickable here: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/superpi_-_32m/


I stopped when arriving around the 7 minute mark, and will check those next weekend.





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Guest Bullant

Wow pretty amazing really back in 2000 it was nearly 2 hours to complete 32m,I wonder how many times people would get a fail @ 1 hour and would have to start again.The other thing is to have your machine pushing hard for 2 how's is pretty cool.

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