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  1. Thanks man! No honestly i havent tried XP on z370, also i did not manage to get LOD working, even thou it worked previously. If u have any recommendations would try them out, GPU is still working and also have few more liters of LN2. LOD was also reason i didn't bother much with 01 and Aquamark, the scores were baaad.
  2. Hey guys, i have recently spent lots of time figuring out vMod for GTX1060 6GB and also other Pascal uP9509 based GPUs, as this VRM IC doesnt support i2c bus, rather than that it utilizes PWMVID tech. Also BIOS mod isn't that easy on Pascal. Yesterday i managed to find picture with pinout for the VRM IC, also tried vMod on my GTX1060, works just fine, although didn't test yet beyond 1.2v as there was no more time left. GPU seems to scale a bit, managed to get 2180mhz from previous 2100Mhz max. During the weekend will bench the GPU to see what is it capable of, wish me luck If anyone wants to know how to do HW power mod on Pascal, you can just do the same thing as I did> solder 10ohm resistors on top of SMD caps around INA3221. You can also use 0805 SMD resistors, so it wont look as bad, but i dont bother much Hope the IC pinout will help someone also if u have any ideas feel free to share. Will appreciate Happy clockin"
  3. Cool result man, but Titans are not allowed in Challenger DIV I: "The graphics card choice is limited to single GPU graphics cards (excl Titan)."
  4. Thanks, stock 1063mV, GPU without any mods whatsoever, wish i could modify that card, seems to be a good sample.
  5. Thanks man! Will try to get even better just need to fine-tune the CPU since there is still some headroom, also need to tinker bit more RAM. ofc any advice is welcome
  6. CPU Was ofc. delided, 90°C got only pre-delid, after never went that high, 1,52v was just on chilled water approx 5°C *edit: no i dint push 1,52v to cpu before deliding...
  7. Hey guys, 2 days ago i was watching some YT video and OS suddenly locked up, so i restarted and got error code 00 on my M.X Apex (system was under very low load, no OC, just set XMP profile). Reseated everything, also cleaned all the contacts on CPU, MEM but no luck. Also got second board, showing CPU LED, no post. CPU was approx. 30 days old, pushed just on H20, never went beyond 90°C or 1,52v vcore, VCCIO/SA also below 1,25v(mostly short term OC). Well sent it to RMA today, hopefully will get replacement soon. Did anyone else CPU die so fast without serious reason also? Thanks Also for anyone's curiosity Batch: L733C478 System: i7 8700K Maximus X Apex (for Troubleshooting MSI Z370A-Pro) G.Skill TridentZ Corsair RM1000
  8. Zombie moded GTX260, with Ghetto moded stock heatsink used as LN2 pot, 1,4v, need to push harder with more LN2
  9. ShaggySVK

    DDR2 8500+ Wanted

    Hi guyz, I have been searching for a pretty long time for some DDR2's, who could handle 1200Mhz or above. Been trying to push E8400 beyond 550Mhz FSB, but my RAMs cant handle anything above 1110Mhz which is pretty limiting. Any advice or recommendation is welcome. Thanks
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