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  1. Interested in the dewar, can you PM me with the price shipped to Spain?
  2. The sub 6 is tricky, as going up with the frequency the efficiency get worse, I think we need a 5850+ capable CPU or some OS tweak not yet discovered 🙂 Once I have my 3900X and the CH8 I’ll try again, in the meantime I want to build Win7 from scratch, but for spi is also difficult to tune, messing too much with the os damage the score.
  3. I went directly for the max clock, I have another screen with another core at 5800, but 2 second slower, I didn't try much experiments or efficiency, with the CBB at -27 the LN2 waste was enormous, I think I burned almost 20L and like 5 hours, now there's a new official bios, I will have the CH8 next week to play with, really hope to get rid of the issue.
  4. FYI Ram 1:1 FCLK CB: 2933 no CB 3000 -180° 3200 -160° And I had a very nasty CBB at -27°C with the CH7, my guess is the LN2 mode is still broken on this bios (2602) tomorrow I’ll try the new beta to see the difference
  5. Getting close 6m 8s 425ms @ 5750 (mem 2933 C9) https://hwbot.org/submission/4218495_ Still need to tune sub timings and I may have other 50MHz on the CPU
  6. I managed to do fullpot with ram at 2800 C9 1:1, without LN2 mode, 5630 all core 1.67V (new first place in CB15 for the 3800X), so I think 2933 C9 is going to be possible, also disabling some cores I might be able to make a fast Spi32M run, I’ll try tonight, see if with 5700+ MHz I can break the 6min barrier
  7. Here the livestream video replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bXCFVZzJaY
  8. I was running ram at 2800 and 2933 1:1, at the first run I had no CB, then I start having CBB at -40 and CB at -100, no clue about the issue. The GPU as well was doing funny things, I was thinking for water but the board at the end of the session was super dry. Today I recharge the dewar to keep trying
  9. Xp and a well tweaked Win7 are more or less the same at the end, with Zen2 I’m in the 8.20 area as well with 1900 flck (Win7) The problem is that is unusable with LN2, I’m working now to find an efficient 2800/2933 CL9 ram setup, or below -70/80° it suffer from CB
  10. I start to like the new tool, submissions are super easy now, a pity that Spi with Win10 sucks a bit, especially with Zen, and the latest Win 1903 is weak with tight memory timings
  11. I can replicate the result easily, and do more testing, I'm with the cascade, let me know if you want me to try something.
  12. I have an issue that it cannot detect GB3 and GB4, I tried restarting, multiple runs, nothing... pity, I could have been 1st in the Intel DDR4
  13. Win 8/10 is like 1 minute slower, absolutely non sense to use with spi
  14. I tried literally everything, various waza size and types of files, cache settings, Windows tweaks, nothing to reach that level, close but they have discovered a good tweak that we can’t figure it out, one of my main goal is still to be the first sub 6 min on AMD, let’s see if I can with the 3800X
  15. I didn't find any particular issue with cold, in fact I usually pretest the memories on air to the limit, knowing that at full pot I can push a bit more on max memory frequency, my boot settings are 4GHz CPU - 3600 C11.10 (2,04V RAM - 1,265V SOC) and then I raise the clock in Windows, usually from 1800 (x2) to 1860/1870. This is the freq/timings that gave me the best efficiency at 5,5GH and above. Another important trick is to check the performance at every boot, because the motherboard train again the memories, and it brings changes to timings not visible to us, at 4GHz I should have around 109 with the smallest run, if higher (sometimes even 169) you must reboot and try again.
  16. Zen 2 doesn't really shine in Spi32M, mostly for the maximum frequency not far from Zen+ and the CB related to the fabric that doesn't allow to push high memory frequency in 1:1, there's a big compromise to be taken, higher clock (with lower temps) and low fabric clock Vs higher fabric clock and lower CPU clocks, I'm still trying to find the best settings, but with a lucky 3800X or 3900X probably there's a chance to beat Zen+. For your Zen+ run, I can suggest you to try C11.10 with memory at 3600/3700 (if your IMC can do it), the benefit of this combo will give you more efficiency at higher CPU clocks
  17. High Frequency on Ryzen 3000 is not great for the FCLK, but that kit (and at that price) is great to run like 3733 1:1 C14 or C16, the actual sweet spot for Ryzen for daily. If you are looking for a kit to run in a daily setup and eventually do some benchmarks (not extreme with LN2) don't think twice 😉
  18. A1 and A2 are working great on Ryzen 2, I have some submissions with the 3600X and A1s, they perform quite well like in the Intels (but for Zen2 the fclk must be considered as well)
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