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  1. Nice one! I look forward to this one on LN2. Ya know I have been wondering for a while now why nobody is testing 3960x on LN2!
  2. Nice work bro! Not often I'm so impressed by the rig pics, but that is pretty sweet!! And definitely nice work with the benching too
  3. I tried heating the board up but no luck, looks like I need to peel if some LET and short the fuses. I should be able to do this after work today. I hope it works and I will get you those screenshots! Sorry about the delay
  4. I have one I would be willing to sale, If I remember right it does 5.2 at 1.4 on ambient and 6.3ish on LN2, it will ship from the US
  5. TBH I haven't done much testing on water, I wanna say it did 5300 at 1.32
  6. 5.5 at -165 is pretty dang good, too bad you cant get full pot :( nice work anyway way!
  7. Thank you guys @unityofsaints yes, I know right!😁 I'll revisit this one and R15 very soon
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