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  1. Have a spare one without pads or screws. Want it?
  2. Thanks Roman & Eike! 😄 In for Patreon
  3. thanks guys! default VRMs - yeah its the same card. Got another 2 to try but used this one as it was a good enough clocker already.
  4. cause its a special airbinned cpu that would do 10ghz on ln2 but died after a while 😫
  5. Just have a notepad open with the date or if not available; just have a file named that way (date) Can also make cpuz 1.91 obligatory (10th of Dec). Just replace on USBs and make checking the version a personal habit.
  6. Happy New Year everyone Congrats to everyone who participated and to the Aussies for ruling another CC #unexpected
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