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  1. thanks; didnt see much difference tbh so it was run after 3d11 to avoid (re)booting iirc
  2. only screenshots are missing are the benchmarks ones. There I wanna eventually do previous standard vs new standard to show what the direction on memory tuning should be. RSVD2 is for those few (rare) weird CB/CBB-wise cpus and might help pushing these bugs to a lower temp.
  3. Mini update - to include some screenshots and fix a couple image attachments
  4. Will drive you poor then 😂😂😂
  5. What the title says. send me pm with your offer.
  6. its ok - he is most likely 16 and probably hasnt figured out all of these yet. Can someone from his country reach out to him and explain? Just so he learns. No point in punishing new people and turning them away from (x)OC and bot. @ZoLKoRn maybe
  7. you get frustrated on a free service for not getting support/help on Sunday evening within an hour of your original post?
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