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  1. k-boost hasnt worked for me with titan x or now reference 1080 ti, anyone else get it working? power mizer acted funny for me with titan x when going below 0c, would have to re-apply everytime. But ya they basically do the same thing and lock the core clock to the highest p0 state boost clock
  2. oh man such an awesome cpu, wish I had money for this, the 3d clock speeds would be amazing for 1080 ti.
  3. what board are you using, I also forgot that if the mobo doesnt have bus tuning capabilities than you can use it.
  4. There was a post saying it is affected by the RTC bug so it is in the same class as everything other than skylake and kabylake. But there are some benches that are ok, like 3dmark suite, gpupi and a few others.
  5. Thanks for sharing, cant wait to try
  6. This is insane, I never thought amd could reach this point in extreme oc so fast.
  7. Thats a shame, all I have is a z270 gaming soc, was excited to enter, definitely dissapointed but I understand from hwbot point of view.
  8. thanks for pot marmott looks great, and thanks for space hwbot. thread can be closed.
  9. ya I feel like all good mem for sale is overseas, I wanted the kit I got a pm on but I figure at this point I might as well shoot for higher than 4k. I still might grab yours. so hard to decide
  10. yes I am, please post or send some screenshots, thanks for reply.
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