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you can flame at Microsoft, game developpers, driver teams too then Chiller... you will have a busy day on the forums... heck a busy life...


Nothing is perfect at release date, nor can it run 100% stable on all possible hardware/software combos from day one... that's eutopia !!

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so people that get thyere stuff for free needs to go in the pro oc league correct?




Question: When do you qualify as Pro and have to switch to that league?


Answer: Currently, there is no clear outlining on who’s considered pro and who isn’t. Or even who should go into that separate league and who shouldn’t. Currently, I’m moving those people who work almost exclusively with sponsored hardware and only for pure marketing-related overclocking to that league as that’s what it was designed for. This is for instance KP, Hicookie or Elmor. I think for the first couple of weeks we’ll see who wants to join and how the flow works exactly (many or little overclockers making the jump, etc …). Except for the group mentioned earlier, we don’t intend to force people in either league.


When discussing the design for the first time, we also got the question what to do with review samples. That is quite simple: we have no interest in either tracking all review samples or vetoing against sending a specific person specific hardware. What we asked vendors is to honor the Pro OC league by focussing the marketing-overclocking events (eg: sending super-binned hardware) as much as possible in that league and leave the hobbyist rankings as they are. We also explicitly said that there’s no problem with sending anyone a mainboard or a vga card. In your particular situation, this all boils down to: we do not have the slightest problem with you getting any samples or you choosing for the normal oc’er ranking. If you feel Pro and want to join, okay. If you feel Pro is a bit out of your reach at the moment, feel free to compete at the top of the non-pro ranking.

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yeah and golds won't raise even with new sub, the cups/medals realtime update is broken upwards, but not downwards xD.


Snipers will for sure kill me ...


Must be something wrong because achievements won't unlock. In Rev3 if that happened you'd have to force recalculation. Now no recalc button.:(
For me also this is not working.


+1, +1, +1, & +1


The feedback is flowing thick and fast but the FEED is not flowing well at all Frederick.


The team needs to make some definative statements as to current, and short to mid term status of the engine. If this is done succinctly, the volume of forum posts (and repitition by default), and noise from frustrated benchers will reduce by 50%.


This in turn will let the poeple who need time to adjust things, do exactly that and hopefully enable an earlier release of the next revision (4.1).


Communication is our friend.


Keep up the good work. :)



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