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Special status for OC legends? And who?

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Heya girls and boys,


Just wanted to check if we should invest time in setting up something special for the legends of overclocking. And if yes, who these people would be.


Just to clarify what I mean by legends: this doesn't mean anyone who did something special for overclocking or the overclocking community. This means, in practical terms, people who you'd be nervous to talk to or you always will regard as better regardless of what results this person achieved in the past, in the present or in the future. So, in essence, when meeting these legends you feel humble as overclocker, but also as human being.


For me personally, I had this when I first met Hipro5, Shamino and Macci. I'm pretty sure the same would be if I ever had the chance to meet Fredyama and K|ngp|n.


Any ideas?

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Yea i had this also as i met No_Name at my first bench-session, Fr3ak, Crotale and Kinc :) Nice guys!!!


I think we have to collect names and make a Poll :)


But how do you like to make the special status visible? In the personal hwbot profile?


edit: Of course Stummerwinter =) Boris is a great guy!

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I think a legend is someone who is no longer actively benching but who was an iconic figure while they were in the game.


So for me no active bencher can be or could be called legend.


As to why you lot get nervous when you meet each just does my head - bunch of girls blouses the lot of you. :D :D


Personally I would love to meet the Japanese benching team - they were my hero's big time, breaking the super Pi world record on entry level kit. Plus Duck is pretty good looking. :D

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