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for the belgian teams: i have some S462 and S478 hardware available... Pushed a sempron to 3+ Ghz (actual 2.4 Ghz) and my PIV runs at 3.8 Ghz stock speed on air and pushed it to 4.16 Ghz on air.


Send my a pm for more info. (Athlon +1800, Sempron +2400, PIV 2.4 Ghz and PIV 3.2 Ghz and comp. mobo's, perhaps also a S754 available)

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I think the hardest of the 5 is 370 and 754. 370 is a total crap shoot. just getting an os installed is a challenge. Im not sure how much actual tweaks go into this. it sounds like you just cross your fingers and wait for an hour and a half and hope for the best. maybe you had some copy waza tweaks in there. but total pain in the ass. not even socket holes to install a container. you need a c clamp. and to make matters worse half the boards dont have a locking agp/pci bus so thats another factor. then the ram. wtf? good luck on this stage. if you get your os installed you deserve a medal.


754 is the ultimate challenge. this is by far the hardest stage. if you win this stage you are hands down the KING OF OVERCLOCKING.

there is no platform tougher to oc than 754. this is the ultimate challenge of all the challenges in 2010 combined.


if you win this you are the best of the best.


939, 478, socket A are child's play compared these. Good luck guys. this is everyones dream contest who like me started ocing watching Charles, shamino, oppainter etc. it was just a handful of dudes and sub0 cooling was taboo. now we are all grown up now in the 21st century and have the opportunity to go back and do what we shouldve.


Huge thanks to Hwbot admins for making this one happen. these hdwr platforms are very special for so many reasons. the kids starting out on i3 have no idea how much work went into that tech and how amd64 pushed intel into what it is now. its so sad when you go back from 478/socket A and compare to 754 and 939 and legends like oscar wu and when ocz had eb and ddr booster and the psu powerstream 520w with the adjustable pots on it. that was invented for 754 to allow higher ram vdimm on 754. because the 1st 754 boards didnt have vdimm adjustments in bios that got into the danger zone. you had to do it by hand. I remember one page book and tony ocz pushed amd 64 to the limits. the k8n neo2 platinum... remember that thing? pain in the ass. when it actually worked it was awesome. it was the predecessor to the dfi lanparty nf3. Id like to see someone on a k8n neo2 platinum post a result.


sorry for the long post. this contest is so nostalgic to me and brings back so many great memories.



I posted this link so you guys have some inspiration while you bench.


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I think the hardest of the 5 is 370 and 754. 370 is hands down the toughest. just getting an os installed is a challenge.

754 is the ultimate challenge. there is no platform more frustrating to oc on than 754. i cant wait to see some WRs.


I hate s754. I'm going to bench it but yeah I hate it. Frustrating is putting it too mildly.

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I hate s754. I'm going to bench it but yeah I hate it. Frustrating is putting it too mildly.


exactly. its the toughest because we all hate it. everyone loves a great barton bench on nf7s or a 478 bench on a prescott with a p4C-e dlx and bh5 or 939 on a ultra D and some tccd.


on 754 it doesnt seem to matter what skills you have. you could be the best ocer in the universe and have all the fancy hdwr and ram but get on 754 and all that doesnt mean crap. so much effort and very little reward. this is why 754 is the most hated.

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I am trying to do a vcore mod on my NF8 but no sucess yet. :(

Pics of mod:





If VR stay over 6.5k ohms, OVP kicks and board disarm (without OVP, min voltage = 1.1v, max=2.0v), under 6.5k, vcore stay on 1.23v regardless of resistence of the VR...


Anyone has any idea what is wrong with this? :S


PS: I don't know if this is the best topic to ask this, if no, please any mod move this to a

better place ;)


EDIT: Problem solved guys!



Now it is ready for action :D:D:D

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oh man I totally forgot about this. thanks guys for this. If i remember correctly cpc on was better for single sided dimms and cpc off was for double sided to get past 200. right? it was almost like setting 1t cmd and 2t. you can get higher with 2t (cpc off) and higher clocks but cpc on (1t) was better performance but couldnt clock as high. Oh man this brings back memories. :)

this contest is bringing back so much nostalgia for me. i forgot all this stuff. its crazy. anyone fire up the ocz ddr booster yet?

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