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okay flashed to no cpc in abit flash utility. it went fine rebooted and got into bios and saw new choices including multi adjust. I got excited and set multi to 13 and rebooted. now no post whatsoever. I killed it I think. Im such an idiot. tried removing batt and different ram in separate channels and no go. :(

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Don't worry, you can't kill it this way, afaik. Clear CMOS with the jumper located near the battery or just hold Delete button and power up the system. The second one should keep your settings in bios, but boot with defaults. My NF7-S v.2 also acts weird sometimes.

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well if youve had the luck ive had with hdwr in this contest you would think the same thing.

Its not working dudes. Im gonna pull the cpu out and reseat everything.



I took everything off and cpu looks fine. Not sure what it is. what is the best ram slot to trouble shoot on? Ive been using one stick by the cpu.

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Congrats to team OCX for the win and to H.O.T. for a strong showing at the end - It's too bad only one could win since every team that competed was deserving but that's how it goes.


I too would like to see more of these comps done - Had fun doing it and looking foward to competing in the next one.

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I like last minutes action :D, good job Team OCX & Hellas Overclocking Team it's make my team, AwardFabrik & XtremeSystems have same point 15.

Very impresive result from Stelaras.... You're a dangerous man :Thumbs up: :D


--=== Happy New Year 2011 ===--

Viva Old Skool Socket never die

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